Data privacy statement

Web Server

If you are calling this or other internet web pages, you transfer via your internet browser data to our imngs.org webserver. The following data will be recorded during the actual communication between your internet browser and our webserver in a logfile:

The processing of the data in this log file is done as follows:

Personal data, which you send via contact forms and similar websites on our server, will only be collected by your agreement, i.e. you agree when entering the data. The data given will only be used for intended purposes as explained on the websites. Please check the details in the forms.


We save on your hard drive session cookies. The duration of validity is only for the period of your visit on your website and they will expire afterwards immediately. The cookies are used for the communication between our webserver and your client system for the whole time of your visit to identify and authorize actions. Your personal settings in your browser for deletion of cookies will influence deletion of cookies on your client system – we have no influence on this.

With regards to contents correctness of personal data

You have the right to get free of charge information of your personal data, which have been stored. Additionally, you have the right to have incorrect data to be corrected, canceled and deleted.

Validity and correctness

When using our webserver you agree to the data usage explained above. This data privacy statement is immediately valid and replaces any older statements. Because of the development of our websites, it might be necessary to revise this data privacy statement. We reserve the right to change the data privacy statement anytime for future use and recommend reading the actual data privacy statement from time-to-time.

This English version is a rough translation. For legal purposes, please check the German version.